Our gun shop, Jimmy's Sportshop Inc. was established in 2019. (www.jimmysportshop.com) We sell many firearms and specialize in NICS appeal and firearm license services. We have helped many customers who got their FBI background denied to regain their rights to buy firearms.

We can help you find out what was the reason for your background check denial and if possible provide you with a solution to get your NICS decision reverted. Most of the FBI background check denials were caused by a false identity. Your name could be linked to the name of a criminal. FBI will not take any risk. They will deny you if your name matches someone on their block list. This is when we can help appeal the FBI NICS decision. Most of the false identity issues can be resolved within a couple of weeks at no extra cost. We will guaranty our work.

Our service fee: $1000 for the NICS Appeal -90% of the time this is enough to revert the NICS decision and regain your right to purchase a firearm. You can hire us no matter what state you are living in as long as it is in the United States.

We cannot help:
If you have a violent felony or you have multiple felonies or domestic violence convictions. If you have a history of mental illness.